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Spring 2017
Most Everything Is For Sale

(everything I no longer need that is - years of accumulated "stuff" up for sale)
Continuing Until Sold
In 2012 - 2014 I listed and sold some of my "stuff".
 but I'm still cleaning out ALL the nooks and crannies
and now I have even more stuff for sale!

Items like motorcycles and cars are already listed
and I'll be adding more info and new pictures as I can.


2014 - 20?? Spring Cleaning
We're totally scouring the place looking for useable parts, scrap and trash.
We recycle the unusable & non- re-propose-able scrap and then we went back and
began to drag the cycles and other "stuff" out of compacted long term hibernation
creating an even bigger mess.
It's such a huge mess that I just had to take pictures!
See Pics Above under PHOTO PAGES "see anything you want"

Upcoming Events link to see
Sale Dates and Locations.
Plus check out
Cruiser's Online Stores
For items available for direct purchase / shipping online

As you look over the pictures if you see
anything you're interested in

and lets talk about it.


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