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Pics From Kevron Past
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Kevron in Lyons, IL
On the lift (Resurrected after 23 Years) Is Howard Furtak's "If It Ain't Chopped It Ain't $hit" Ford Van


Kevron In Willowbrook, IL

This is where Ron went to relax after a long day at Kevron - Home to work on his motorcycles!


Ah, Dude - DUDE! 
"WHAT? - it's on a tire - I'm putting in YOUR Guzzi rod bearings"
Tim & Ron @ Triple "O" Fred's Shop in Goose Island/Chicago


Ron's Honda 750 Single Cam - Paint By "Billy"

Beats Walking and a Honda Spree

Sometimes I just don't wanna do this to a car

The First Stock Car Sponsored By Kevron


60 Impala                                                        51 Kaiser

1966 Chevy Impala (now Tim's) and Donor Car


Ron's 1960 Buick Electra


No it Didn't go to the Crusher - It got a New Owner and a New Life!


Guess who owned this one -  Clue = Check out the boats name

I still don't consider this a Charger - Shelby, Really?    I went to Oklahoma City to buy this Terry's Trailer

Chevy Van All White        Yes That's a Citroen next to the 41 DeSoto - Just One and I Was Cured!


I've Still got some Parts For Sale from this T-Bird


Ron's 1958 Jaguar MK 8 - "The Grey Ghost" - Low Mile - But Rusty
 Became the Donor Driveline for Kev's MK 7


Ron's 67 Imperial 440 HP Tire Smoker with Ice Cold A/C  -  It's Not Easy Being Green


Ugly But I just had to have its cause it's got FINS                    


Trooper Dave's - We did the Tri-power Setup - Hey Dave, Where Ya been?



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