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My .02, Cruiser

Also - I am working on an updated 2013 Route 66 guide about what remains or is new
to see and do while traveling the Mother Road and welcome any/all stories, info and pictures.
If we use your material you will get "By" credit.
Advertising accepted with or without Cruisers editorial review.

Take a break from the "big box" stores and franchise restaurants
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1 to 8 Cylinder Rated
  8 = A MUST STOP 

      4 = Average        
          1 = Pass Up      
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Oglesby, IL
225 Columbia Ave
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  8 Cylinder Rated

This is just a great place to take a "Road Trip" to for Homemade Root Beer.
Henry Moore makes the BEST Root Beer I've ever tasted!

I know a thing or two about Root Beer.
When I was a kid my dad, who loved root beer, 
would never pass a root beer stand without stopping for at least one.
He would plan trips to include some obscure place that made their own "homemade" brew.
After many years of chasing after the "perfect brew"  - This is It !
 And did I mention their homemade Chili? Makes a really good Chili Dog.

Henry, Thank You! Your Root Beer converted TWO of my grand kids from saying
 "...I don't like root beer ..."  
TO   " can I have MORE, PLEASE? "

  Cruiser's Rating = Hitting on ALL 8 Cylinders
Cruiser Visited & Ate Here Last on 10/2011

THE ROOTBEER STAND Doesn't Have a Website, Yet

Launching Pad DRIVE-IN
Wilmington, IL
810 E Baltimore St
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 4 Cylinder Rated

------- UPDATE June 2014 -------
Still Closed - Sad

Looks Abandoned
Anyone have any info?

------- UPDATE 06/28/2012 -------
The "For Sale" Sign is gone and the sign board has changed.
I went there hoping for lunch but sorry to report they were closed.
While I was there (less than 10 minutes) no less than 40 people
including about 20 Motorcyclists stopped for a lunch but had to settle for just a photo op.
Many tried entering and had that surprised look when the door didn't open.

------- UPDATE 1/15/2012 -------
Today I went to the Launching Pad to have a look and maybe lunch.
It's CLOSED ! There is a "For Sale" Sign on the Building.

Opening In The Spring?

Having thrived in the good years and survived many lean years this Rt66 Icon is now for sale.
I can only assume that the current economic climate and the overall way this place has been run
for the last few years (see below for my previous reviews) has taken it toll.

Click on Thumbnails for a Larger View

I hope they do open in the spring or get sold to someone with vision and a dedication to preservation.

We have lost far to many Route 66 & other locally owned places over the years.
Unique and independent restaurants and business's are really getting few and far between.
While I'm not totally blaming US for the demise of The Launching Pad our
shopping and eating habits HAVE pretty much KILLED Mom & Pop business's.
Every dollar you spend at a big box store or franchise food place ENABLES even further corporate monopoly
and REMOVES money from YOUR community.
Take a break from the big chain franchises
and patronize  LOCAL restaurants and business's - While they still exist.
Every dollar you spend at a locally owned and operated business helps create local jobs
and the money they earn is spent locally which further supports the community.
Unlike the big box stores and chain fast food places that pay part time wages their workers can't live on
and ALL the profits go to make greedy billionaires into megalomaniacs bent on OWNING US & OUR GOVERNMENT.
My .02, Cruiser

Past Review
This use to be another great "Road Trip" place and while it's still worth stopping
I've been disappointed by the food and general lack of upkeep recently.

Like their expired website the owners have neglected this once 6 Cylinder rated Route 66 historic place a bit.
The giant is still worth seeing and there are other things to do and see in and around Wilmington.
I've been to this place many times over the last 35+ years and in general
I DO recommend the place.

  Cruiser's Rating = Hitting on 4 Cylinders  
Cruiser's review is from 3/5/2009 - visit and sit-down lunch

UPDATE 12/13/2010
I've read that The Launching Pad was sold in 2006/2007
to new owner Morey Szczecin of Channahon, IL who also owns
Janson's Drive-In located at 9900 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL
I revisited in July 2010 and the staff didn't offer up any info about the new owners.
While this place looked a bit cleaner I can't report any improvement on the menu. 
As of 12/13/2010 No website exists for either restaurant.
I'm attempting to contact the new owner and will report back soon.

If you are the Launching Pad's owner
or have any information
Please contact me  

The Launching Pad Drive-In Website is Gone.

Please Send Questions, Comments or Issues To

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