The 41st Annual Homestead Festival in Princeton, IL
by Cruiser

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A real downtown, with a real town square, friendly people, and setup and run very well. What a nice event!
Having been to Jalopy Fest in Morris, IL thru lunch we hit RT80 west and headed for Princeton. The event was in its last few hours but we found it still going strong.
Several blocks on main street filled with cars and town square and the county court house grounds filled with homemade arts and craft vendors.
We still had about and hour to go before trophies would be handed out so off we went to get pics and then Mrs Cruiser and I headed for the crafts.
I'll post more in a day or so. We did 2 events in one day and I just wanted to get the pics and some words up asap.

My .02, Cruiser


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