2012 Jalopy-Fest
by Cruiser

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Sunday, September 9, 2012
Held At The

Jalopy-fest In Morris, IL


This year I drove there and actually entered the event!
The last few years the turnout wasn't much and after a quick look at the near empty parking lot and thru the fence to the event lot that was enough for me.
Luckily, Cruisers shop is just a dozen country miles away and the $5 I was going to use to get changed my lunch plans from the Morris Taco Bell to Calico
(No, I'm not gonna tell you about the place - It's my secret - along with a few hundred other locals)  Anyway, back on topic.
We (Me & Mrs Cruiser) made it there Sunday about 9:30. There was already a fair turnout at that time so I parted with $5  each.
(I guess it's Taco Bell for lunch this year) and we entered.
OK so it's not the Hunnert Car Pile-Up, but since there is no more Pile-up (they claim they got tired and "it was too much work") but that's another story.
By Noon there's a decent turnout wandering around some kool iron, checking out the vendors, giving up $7.50 for meat on a stick (Cruiser knows Taco Bell's just down the street)
and listening to a pretty decent band.
We had a good time and since this is like the 3rd year for this I hope it continues to grow.
One more thing - Hey Morris ya think, maybe you might get with the program and do something to go along with these events?
Not one 'Welcome to Morris Jalopy Fans" or "While at Jalopy Fest Come See This Sight / Do This " sign anywhere in Morris - REALLY!
I mean many people travel to these things and have a few extra $$$ they might just spend at maybe like another business while they're in town, HELLO?
Oh wait, this is the town that shut down the overflowing crowd at the Hunnert Care Pile-Up the LAST year they were in Morris!
Never mind!
I'll be there next year and if it's a 2 day event again I'm camping overnight with a cooler full of Taco Bell.

My .02, Cruiser

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