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2011 Hunnert Car Pile-up Photos
by Cruiser

 The following excerpt is from the Hunnert Car Pileup website
Saturday, October 8th, 2011
The Hunnert Car Pileup is a car show for hot rodders who build their cars, and drive them.
The Pileup is about hanging out, meeting new friends, and seeing old ones.
It is about checking out the craftsmanship in others’ cars, and showing off your own.
It is about great music, art, and finding that rare part.
It is a nod to a bygone era that lives in each of us.
It is about the drive there, the drive home, and the story that goes in between.
2011 will mark our 10th Pileup, and the 11th Anniversary of the founding of Chrome Czars Motor Club.
It will also be the LAST Hunnert Car Pileup, so we are making this a special show!
(see more at the Pile-up website / facebook page)
Go to The Hunnert Car Pileup website
Hunnert Car Pile-up FACEBOOK Page

Read what the press has to say about the LAST Pile-up

I've been searching as to why they're quitting but so far no real answer only
some whining BS about "it's to big...we too old...." 
Well then, hire some help, take on partners, sell it to someone with vision but
My .02 Cruiser

Cruiser's Unedited Photos - All Rights Reserved 2011
Progress City USA / Richland Community College Campus / Decatur, IL

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