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1977 Harley Davidson Sportster
1000 cc XLH
"Deep Purple"
Cruisers own maintained daily rider
This one has been in the family
since mid 80's

November 23 2015
61F in Chicagoland today -  Last ride a bit wet but hey, it's November!.
I'm not gonna make the Chicago Toy Run this year, again, so
It's time to prep for storage.
DP was it's reliable self, as usual, this past season.
I have the normal seasonal inspection and servicing to do but no upgrades planned.
Last year's top end job is all settled in and running strong.
This one's good till spring and I've got other stuff to work on over the winter.

June 28 2014
Towards the end of the riding season 2013 DP began to leak a bit more than usual.
The bases, rocker boxes and lifter blocks have leaked a bit since I got it but on the way to lunch one day the 10 mile ride water-proofed my
pants legs with about a 1/2 qt - did the same on the way back. I thought, well its long past time for a reseal, DP was just giving me a nudge.
Parked it because there was way too much to do at the shop before winter and then the nasty winter hit and things get prioritized.
Spring 2014 around here was late, the building took it hard over winter, more projects - need time to catch up.
Finally got DP up on the lift and torn down.
(click for larger pic)

(click thumbs to enlarge)

 Let The Fun Begin
(click thumbs to enlarge)
Wrong Nuts + Wrong Washers = Failure
(click thumbs to enlarge)
I'm replacing those beat up studs and nuts!

The Pictures Above Show Why The Damage Shown Below Exists

(click thumbs to enlarge)

These pics below also show "hairline" cracks
midway in the bore at about the bottom end of travel for the oil ring
I believe that the power coating on the jugs and head held in extra heat
which contributed to causing these cracks.

(click thumbs to enlarge)

The damaged jug and piston - Now Scrap

(click thumbs to enlarge)

 The good used jugs and pistons
I'm changing out both front & rear cylinders
because these were bored out .020 oversize.
Even if they were of stock bore size I would still do both cylinders due to
the powder coating of DP jugs and heads. Haven't removed the back cylinder yet - can't wait to see inside.
These jugs, pistons & rings were done about 2,000 miles before the trans took out both cases.
These came from someone's butchered chopper with a raked and extended front end and other niceties !

I bought what remained
Minus The Rolling Frame/Title/Cases/Wheels
at a Walneck's Motorcycle Swap Meet several years ago.
Always good parts to be found at Buzz's swaps

(click thumbs to enlarge)

6 hours in the tank
with the chambers filled with cleaning solvent and still full.
The seller was right - the top end had been just done.
I'm not reworking the valves - Just gonna clean this all up and get DP back together - Oh Crap - We're out of base gasket!
Well that will give me time to weld in a repair to the busted cooling fin in the left jug above - see it? I know just where to get a donor piece!
(click thumbs to enlarge)

July 17 2014
All back together
Finally done and out for a 50 mile shake down run.
That's a round trip to Ottawa, IL for lunch and hit HD for some eye candy desert - Just looking!
Well 50 miles turned into about 90 - Yea, I stopped and looked it over at 25, 50 and when I got back a 90 - Alls good.
July 24 2014 - Rode for lunch a few times about 250 miles since completed but today DP cop'd an attitude.
Really low battery, started right up with a jump but its a new battery so I'll do an hour charge and see what tests out then.
An hour on the charger an still drawing 10 Amps - this ain't good - smells like insulation smoke - Ouch a hot generator!
The old mechanical regulator is sticking or shorted and now the field windings in the generator are toast.
Off to the old XL parts pile. Well looky here and used but recently rebuilt high output genny and an Accel solid state regulator - both test good.
Swapped in and working - now for a late lunch ride.
When I got back I tore into the old genny - I think the field winding insulation deteriorated and started a low draw, high resistance short
which didn't show up on my previous ride - not even turning on the gen light but was draining the battery and that's what took out the regulator.
The genny I installed had new field coils installed as part of it's rebuild so DP is good to go. 300+ miles now its time to
readjust the valves, do an oil/filter change and full inspection..
So far no oil leaks besides the very minor seepage of the shifter seal. Sat, Aug 7th Art & I went for lunch in Plano.
Art was riding his Valkyrie - DP held it's own very well keeping up with that 1,520 cc (93 cu in) monster. 


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