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"....on the road again...."

The photo is of Cruiser's Classic 1977 Dodge chassis Country Squire.
This been our family's faithful motorhome since 1986.
Over 140,000 miles and counting!
About 50,000 of those pulling a two axle car trailer loaded with a classic car to events or transporting "Barn Finds".
Powered by a 360 2 barrel V-8 - Torque-Flight 3 speed automatic
this 25 footer is very comfortable to drive, and will haul near anything without complaint.
It's more than roomy enough for 2 or 4 or 10.
OK its a bit tight with 10 but we have done overnighter's sleeping
Cruiser, Boop, Mom, Kids and Grandkids.

We done many long distance excursions in the ole Squire but these days we stick closer to home. Still we look forward to traveling to out of the way, off the beaten path, Mom and Pop places that Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa offer.

Kids? all on their own! And our house projects can wait. Work? This is our work.
Planning a trip is easy, for me, at least. I mean besides what it takes to pick where to go (right a coin flip for direction choice)
then try not to forget the camera, video equipment, maps (what ever those are) and what was that you said?
Oh right, your stuff.  Are we there yet?
Enjoy, Cruiser

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June 2014
And I thought last winter was bad!
A few more winters like this and I believe that Chicagoans might get to see how Glaciers form.
Well the Squire survived another winter.
I got the battery in and did the usual gas priming to start then moved it around to set up for spring (late)- all's seems well.
Hoping for a few short trips this summer (the Squires 36th year).
I'll get to some inspections and spring cleaning soon

May 2013
Time to dust off from this "won't go away" winter and get the Squire road ready.
This years maintenance includes a complete chassis, brake, electrical and plumbing inspection and doing whatever repairs are required.
All fluids need to be changed, belts, hoses and tires need checking.

This entire year is a bust - Too many projects taking too much time. So we have no road trips planned.

Well we made it to The Rootbeer Stand and enjoyed a chili dog/fries and rootbeer for lunch.
What great way to start a trip, Thanks Henry!
Our "Spring 2011" trip got put off to October 2011 -  Tic-Toc!
This past spring and summer presented many challenges both business and personal.
The recession (really?- it's over?) has brought many changes to the classic car and motorcycle world.
I won't bore you with the details (you probably have your own or have heard others) but we for sure have had to watch the wallet.
Many events continued, some smaller, a few are gone but the main theme has been one of watching ones budget.

Off to Decatur, IL for this years "Hunnert Care Pileup" was the events 10th anniversary and LAST PILEUP.
I've been searching as to why they're quitting but so far no real answer only some whining BS
about "it's to big...we too old...." Read it Here @ Herald Review
Well then, hire some help, take on partners, sell it to someone with vision but DON'T END IT!

Anyway back to our trip, as usual I did a preflight to the motorhome (its road worthy - crossed fingers) - printed fliers,
grabbed business cards, loaded up and headed to Decatur, IL.
We arrived Friday evening to about 3 dozen motorhomes/campers/tents already there. - good group.
We had a great time and the was a good turn out for the Saturday event.

Cruisers Camper @ The Pileup 

See it now?  Click either for larger

We had planned to sort of meander home Saturday night, find a place to park and sleep
then sightsee on Sunday but the old "Squire" had other plans.
First a fuel leak at the carburetor inlet, tightened the flair and adapter but there was still a slight drip,
possible cracked fitting or housing.
Then a front tire developed a hump. These tires only have about 25K on them and were a new set
that I just put on in 1998! - TIC-TOC!
It was a stop in Utica when we started smelling hot raw fuel, again.
Not bad at speed but heavy at idle, a quick look and back on the road.
The Squire got us back to Newark - uncooked!
After plugging in, looking over the event pictures we decided to called it a day and get some sleep.

More to come as I have time
unedited pictures from the 2011 Hunnert Car Pileup - Enjoy!

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