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More Pictures SOON

This one runs and drives on a nurse tank.
Original Tanks are fine just not reinstalled.
Fuel tanks were removed to ease work
on a small area of fender rust.
Silicone DOT 5 brake fluid brake job.
Another "Fresh" Engine and many parts from
several other carved Sunbeam Alpines.
I have Piles of Sunbeam Parts Available FOR SALE
I  Have Good Used Sunbeam
Parts From Series I II III IV


I searched for one in this particular condition because my intention was to make a "tiger" clone using a mustang 5.0. So I removed the outer rockers and added some serious but hidden support running the full length of the rockers, a kind of "frame connector". I got both sides done as far as welding the supports, and one rocker on, but still need to do the other. I started to patch the lower quarters but decided to order new lower metal instead. That's where the bodywork sits, the rest is very solid, save some amateur dent repair above the left front wheel area.

This started with a very solid body with only minor rust in the outer rocker areas and rear wheel well and real lower quarter panels.

The unibody X frame that is the issue with all these is one of the most solid I have seen since these were new!

I had Chet at VINYL CREATIONS in Joliet, IL. do a new top a few years ago, still looks good.

The engine is a tired series IV single down draft, runs, no oil smoke, but noisy bottom end when warms up, even so still DRIVABLE!

For those who may be interested in keeping this an Alpine I have a fresh dual side draft  complete 1750 C.C. available.

Many, Many parts (more than I'll ever use!) available

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