Series 40    
Model 41     Style # 38-4419     Body # L12286     Trim # 400     Paint # 515    VIN #  33371029

 4 Door Trunk Back Sedan

With Pictures and words I'll  attempt to describe this wonderful piece of automotive history.
Short of a "frame off" this was a "Sympathetic Restoration"  started in about 1990 and stopped at what the "old car price guide" calls a "20 footer" in about 1997.
The engine, clutch, transmission, rear axle, suspension, steering, were all rebuilt, resealed, refinished, mostly as original.

The interior, while not correct, was done to the owners personal taste, and is presentable.
There remains a small amount of plastic filler in the bottom of 2 doors and filling some dents.
But most to the rest is solid original metal and some original paint.

The bumpers and over riders have been re-plated, but the rest of the trim is original and showing wear.

It is still a 6 volt system,  a combination of old wiring harnesses and shop made wiring, which works well but is also not show correct.

This is a driver and has some flaws, scratches, dull spots, and one flat glass rear wing window has a small crack. I'm sure a close inspection will reveal a longer list.

This beauty took me several years to find. I was looking for a "driver" but all of the '38's I found were either 95+ point "trailer queen" show cars or  near parts cars being advertised as "restorable".

One day back in mid '99 I ran across and ad, while cruising the "tradin times" online. 
I called and spoke to John and he proceeded to described the car.  It sounded very much like what I was in search of, but having left with trailer attached once too often already it was off to Flint, MI sans trailer. 
With Kevin, my former business partner at KEVRON AUTO, we hit the road to a nice suburb of Flint, Michigan on a humid 99 degree mid-west day.
There in John's driveway, under the basketball hoop, sat this beautiful 38 Special. I was sure this was going to be John's keeper
and that the car for sale was the "parts car" that must be in the garage. NOT!
John had only one 38 Special and this was it.
The three of us went for a LONG ride. On that very hot day, while enjoying the ride and conversation I nearly forgot that we DIDN'T bring the trailer. I was very tempted to, and should have, driven this one back home.

Now "The rest of the story"

John was getting ready to retire from GM here in Flint, MI where he worked many years at the very Buick plant where this 38 Special had been built 61 years earlier (no he wasn't there at that time). 

It was near the last day for all the employees of this Flint plant because, you see, GM decided to close this Buick plant.

On the very same day that I returned to pickup this Buick, John had just returned from his retirement get together. 
He and ALL the other employees at this Buick plant marked this day together.
Their last work day as a team. 
Just short of a century, PLANT CLOSED!

2008 and Earlier Below
In the shop for "Pre-Summer Service"  and a much needed cleaning.
Please excuse the dust! May 2008
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 Upper Left  Circa 1990's - Parked in John's (previous owner) driveway - Near Flint Michigan
Below Left Circa 2002
Parked on a nice summer day at "Juniors Farm" in Newark, Illinois
Above Right Circa 2011
On the lift for annual service at Cruisers Classics (my shop) in Newark, Illinois