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4 Door Trunkback Sedan
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Series 40 
Model 41  Style # 38-4419  Body # L12286
Trim # 400  Paint # 515  V.I.N. #  33371029

This Buick is not and never was show quality.
It is and always has been a driver since 1999 a "nice day" driver.

Short of a "frame off" this was done somewhere between a
 "Sympathetic Restoration" and a "Survivor".

Started in about 1990 and stopped around 1997 at about where
the "Old Car Price Guide" would consider it a "20 footer".
 The engine, clutch, transmission, rear axle, torque drive shaft,
suspension, brakes and steering were rebuilt, resealed and
the complete exhaust system was replaced.
There was some body work done including a mostly completely repaint.
There remains a small amount of plastic filler in the bottom of 2 doors
and filling a few minor dents but most of the car is solid  metal.
The bumpers and over riders were re-plated and
some trim left original and showing wear, some not correct but functional.
The fuel tank and system were cleaned and the tires were replaced.
Some things were left mostly as they were/still are.
The interior, while not correct, was done to
the owners personal taste and is mostly presentable.
There are some interior trim pieces are missing or with defects,

It is still a 6 volt system with a combination of old wiring harnesses
and shop made wiring, which works but is also not show correct.
Overall there are some flaws, scratches, dull spots,
one flat glass rear wing window has a small crack.

Current Condition
Runs/Drives using the emergency brake

Except for normal servicing, fluids, lubrication, adjustments, etc
no other systems or parts have been replaced or changed.
The entire car should undergo a total inspection and
servicing as needed before any instance of road use.

Current known issues
A complete brake job is required.
The tires are 30+ years old.
The exhaust system has a leak or two
The original engine temp gauge does not work
(there is an aftermarket mounted below the dash)
The charging system functions intermittently
The battery needs to be replaced.
 Close inspection may reveal a longer list.

Oct 7 2015 Updated Pictures
Short YouTube Video View From Drivers Seat

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