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 Then and More Recent
Originally built in 1939 as Geo Cook Chevrolet
 a few years later a Conoco gas station was added
 as was space for tire sales and service and a barber shop.

Early 1950's

Summer 2003
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We Restore "Stuff" - it's what we do...
In the process of returning an old/classic something into useable or original condition
or when doing custom reengineering of a piece for function, performance, looks
or for whatever reason, new replacement parts are not always available or the best option.
So it becomes necessary to refurbish many original parts and/or subparts
or to fabricate new ones.

How to do this?
Well, many times there already exists a service company which specializes in, lets say, generator rebuilding and they will do a fine job of rebuilding the generator you sent to them. More often than not, lately, they want to do an exchange, you get a similar but not your original generator back. That may be fine for some things but not others. Over the years I have found myself rebuilding, reengineering, modifying, or just making pieces look good, to the extent that I have gained much experience (and equipment/tools) in component rehab. Now I also have common sense enough not to "reinvent the wheel" here. I have been able to sort through many rebuilders and suppliers over the years, and to the good ones (that are still around) I send all the work I can. This frees us up to do more and keeps the costs down.


A Brief History of Cruisers Classics.
Cruisers Classics / Kevron Motors / Auto
Started in 1989 as an "after hours shop" operating in the Metha Motors Garage in Elmhurst, IL.
In mid 1990 Kevron had grown and needed its own space so we leased an old gas station building in Lyons, IL.
Kevron Motors became Kevron Corp - D.B.A. Kevron Auto and by 1992 had outgrown it's 3 bay shop and relocated to a much larger facility in Willowbrook, IL. where Kevron Auto Corp expanded into: Kevron Auto Care, Kevron Auto Parts, Anytime Towing and Kevron RV Rental.
This was always more than enough work to keep Kevin and Ron (a.k.a. Cruiser) very busy with the business, customers and employees.
Ron handled most of the day to day operations including working on/with; Classic Cars, Cycles and working the machine shop. Kevin managed the repair shop overseeing scheduling and personal while working as master tech and lead diagnostician.
After several years very successful years in Willowbrook the property's zoning was changed and after an unsuccessful protest faced the need to relocate. Kevron Corp ceased all operations at this location in late December of 1999.
Kevron Corp, also, was gone and we moved most of our stuff to the property of a very good friend (another old car nut) in the Newark, IL area.
There Ron continued with his passion for old cars, cycles, etc. while Kevin accepted a senior tech position with a local GM dealership.
In 2002 Cruisers purchased the former Geo. Cook Chevrolet (1939 - 195?)  building in downtown Newark, Il. This became Cruisers Classics new home.


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