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650 cc Vertical twin  Kick start only 4 speed
This fine old Brit and I go back to 1984

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Exact Mileage Unknown as the original Speedo was missing when I got it.
Harold Werth of Werth's Triumph in Plainfield, IL inspected the bike in 1984 and
concluded that the mileage was between 12,000 and 20,000 miles at that time.
I have ridden less than 5,000 since. It's been off the road since 2004.

This Bike Always starts on the first or second kick!
No smoke or knocks - Trans/clutch and everything works as they should.
Do a full inspection, replace the unworn but 15+year old tires, install a new battery,
spark plugs and an oil change and this sweet running Brit is back on the road.

Vehicle Identification Number FYI
State of Illinois Re-Numbered frame& matching title. In the mid 1980's (when I purchased) I inquired as to why to Illinois restamped the frame and issued a S.O.S. matching number on the title when pre 1971-ish motorcycles used the engine numbers for the V.I.N.
Their answer was that the original selling dealer either
1) replaced a defective factory frame (common joint defect) when new or under warranty.
2) that the bike came to Illinois from a Canadian Triumph Importer (as some in the Midwest did then) and needed inspection by the Illinois S.O.S before any title would be issued and back then the procedure was to restamp the frame.
They admitted to having no records available for this specific cycle as they didn't keep records much past a few years during that time.
When I asked it there were any other possibilities the stated
that at that time if a cycle was stolen and recovered undamaged they didn't restamp but if a cycle was crashed it depended on the time period, the severity, and the insurance company but that the numbers would not have been changed but if this happened after 1985? the State of Illinois would have marked the title as REBUILT or SALVAGE.
When I bought this 1969 T-120 Bonneville it came with OEM Stainless Steel Fenders that look to me to be original.
I've been told that chrome fenders were how the Canadian models were imported and painted fenders for the USA models.
If it matters - I talked to the S.O.S. office around 2014 to inquire about the procedure to have a title issued with the original V.I.N number (on engine) I was told that I would have to get the bike to Springfield, IL for an inspections and bring a signed and dated within the past 120 days notarized document from a Triumph dealer stating that the frame is an OEM Triumph correct original or factory OEM replacement,
I have not done that as it doesn't matter to me and since it is soon to be 2019 I will bet the procedure has changed.

Seat Upholstery
Carb -  66 or so Amal -
Amp gauge, Ignition lock, Headlight - All are reproduction
Paint Scheme - Red and White Lacquer
Misc. nuts/bolts/screws/mounts/etc. nothing serious.

WHAT WAS FRESH - circa 1996 and less that 2K miles unless noted
New Tires (tread pattern period correct) - 2004
New Telescopic (forking by Frank) Tubes - Bushings - Seals & Gators
New NOS Head Bearings
New NOS Wheel Bearings
Complete new reproduction exhaust
Carb - Changed from a dual to a single - 2 New Gas Cocks (reproduction - have original head)
Brake and Clutch cables
Mirrors, Peg rubbers


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