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MK X / MARK 10

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This was a East coast car that was undergoing restoration.
The owner was transferred to the midwest in the mid 1990's and the demands of
his career left him no time to finish this so he put it up for sale.
I purchased this about 1997.

Already rebuilt were the engine, trans, rear axle, and brakes.
It had also been painted but needed the fuel system, interior, minor wiring
and some chrome left to do.
The car was together at this point but never run.
Having been several years sitting the rebuilt engine would not turn.
I removed it to have a look see and found it's rod bearings and rings stuck from
lack of lube and time.

While the engine was removed and somewhat apart we were made
"an offer we couldn't refuse" for the engine and all it's components and sold it.
The ENGINE is NOT available for or included with this car.

Interested in PARTS fro this Jaguar?
I prefer to sell this car whole and have priced it well below its parted out value.
I continue to place ads offering the complete car for sale until about mid-summer 2015
Then I will run ads/listings for the parts as we "break" this.

If you need a part(s) & can work with our mid-summer time frame then just let us know what parts you need.
I'll get back to you with a price for the part & if OK let you know when /if we begin parting this out.

You can email - text or call me for info about this.
Later, Cruiser

 OLD - 2014 UPDATE  
The pictures below are now over 10 years old
and while the sheet metal is still in mostly decent condition
the paint's clear coat has mostly done what clear coat does in time, blistered & peeled off.
The base and primer coats are still mostly holding.
As for the interior the leather and foam seat cushions have continued their traditional
aging process as has the finish on the wood trim.
Remember there is no engine or any engine parts and while the transmission is still shown (and is currently still
in the car) - it is NOT included with the whole car if purchased at the "Buy This Now" price of $1600.
We will be removing the transmission this spring (2014) for inspection to evaluate its condition as it was never used
since its rebuilding in the mid 1990's. While this transmission, certainly, is NOT usable as is because of aged seals
and gaskets it could be a quick "Paper & Rubber - Reseal" to bring it up to rebuilt and usable again
That plus its' "as is" core value is over $700.

Later, Cruiser

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