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Standard R.H.D.
VIN #  B 86 J0
Runs Well - Lot Drive-able
(on nurse tank using hand brake)

To drive safely around the block all that would be
needed is a complete brake job.
To place in daily service would require
new -  tires, hoses, fan belt, battery
fuel pump replacement or rebuild
front bumper or straighten & a re-chrome
complete inspection doing regular service
fluid flushes/changes, lubrication and
 a good cleaning.
Body, interior and any other work
to your taste.

Original, unmolested, un-restored,
with heritage MOT documentation papers
and more.

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and info as told to me by
it's first USA owner

Brought from England by the previous owner in the Early 60's
Driven semi-regularly in the Chicago area until about 1975
Well Stored, covered, on stands, in a dry garage until 2001

Without a doubt this was the BEST PREPARED and STORED car I have EVER had the pleasure to own.

The previous owner enjoyed driving this car for many years, and I'm sure had every intention of fixing the few problems this Bentley developed in short order.

The list was a short one.
The heater core developed a leak, so while awaiting a replacement he affixed a reasonable substitute.

The Hydraulic front brakes developed seeping leaks and I assume occasionally failed completely. Having mechanical rear brakes operating from the same brake pedal made this a somewhat less serious problem.

But a problem it must have been because the final decision to park it was made right after a little "fender bender" took out a section of the front bumper and dented in the fender.

Realizing these repairs would take some time to complete, plus the demands of life and family, he more than parked it, he prepared it for long term storage.

Put on stands, all fluids flushed and refreshed. Preservative oils on venerable metals, moth balled interior, drained fuel tank, lines, pump, and carburetors, Dry nitrogen to inflate the waxed tires. WOW!

I'm sure I've missed part of this "mummification" process.  I know he'd gladly fill me in on more details.  Sadly, I can't shake his hand for his job well done.  He passed away before he got the time to put in the new heater core, left in the trunk in its shipping box, or the now very deteriorated wheel cylinder kits.

I spent, I think, an equal amount of time in "de-storing".  Resisting the massive urge to put battery and fuel to it the at the first moment back at the shop. I used an all but abandoned method of patiently removing the spark plugs, oiling the cylinders and HAND turning the crankshaft many, many times over several weeks.  I did similar lubrication and hand freeing on just about everything. The fuel pump didn't make it though, not for want in preparation, just the rubber composite diaphragms hardened.

NOW a battery, a little fuel hand added to the float bowls, SWITCH ON, push starter button, and running, RUNNING SMOOTH.

All gauges, working,  good oil pressure, its charging, coolant temp is coming up.  The brakes are as the day it was parked, only the mechanical rears work. The brake light came on at the right pedal travel, as did EVERYTHING electrical, including the Trafficators. 

I CAREFULLY drove it on the lift to have a detailed look.

LOOKS OK, I removed the fuel pump and flushed the tank and lines.  Next on my list is to rebuild the fuel pump and reconnect the entire fuel system, then the brakes, then everything else.

Restoration of;
faded paint, bent front bumper, aged chrome, the issue of some body damage, a little corrosion, old and tired English leather and maybe more will be necessary.

Still a nice driver could be on the road after just a winter's worth of hobby time attention, and not a lot of money.

Or, go for it all and do a full frame off, this one's WORTH IT!


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